Hakko FR-872 1440W IR Preheater


FR-872 is a low profile, bench-top PCBoard preheater designed to be especially good at handling medium to high-mass board assemblies. The FR-872 is particularly useful when soldering Pb-Free assemblies.

Product Description

Hakko FR-872 1440W IR Preheater


HAKKO FR-872 4-Bank IR Preheater provides a fast and efficient method of preheating large and small PCB assemblies while still on the workbench but in a very controlled fashion. This preheater uses a new high efficiency carbon filament IR heating lamp that nearly eliminates the visible spectrum while maintaining a very high output in the infrared spectrum with minimal shadowing, allowing for a very even preheating of the PCB.

The HAKKO FR-872 has the same operation as the smaller HAKKO FR-870 but has 4 switchable zones of preheating compared to just 2.and both manual and automatic modes of operation using either a thermocouple for closed-loop feedback of the PCB heating, or using power settings of the heaters.

A new feature that has been added for the HAKKO FR-872 is the Ramp Control. This new feature allows you to control the ramp rate of the PCB when using either of the thermocouple modes of temperature control. The feature allows you to select ramp rates of 1, 2, or 3 degrees Celsius per second. Settings of the preheater can be locked out using a password to prevent inadvertent changes that could affect the process.

As with the HAKKO FR-870, the new HAKKO FR-872 allows for automatic operation following a 3-heating zone profile that can be programmed into the system. A total of 10 profiles can be stored for each mode of operation, for a total of 20 possible profiles. The HAKKO FR-872 also integrates for start/stop operation to work in conjunction with the hot air rework profiles programmable into the HAKKO FM-206 or HAKKO FR-803B (integration requires an optional connection cable that is not included).


Additional Information

Weight 12.4 lbs
Dimensions 21.1 × 14.2 × 14.2 in