My favorite flashlight is the Nebo BAT-Light (#5904). The bat shape and almost 2 pound weight gives me a means to strike back if attacked. I really feel I have a means of self-defense while carrying it. Besides, it’s an incredibly bright light: -long distance range, and that strobe light is very powerful.  It comes with good Duracell batteries which seem to last forever.

I love it so much that I even bought several for my daughters and their friends.

-Sherry-bought BAT-lights in-store


My favorite flashlight is the Nebo Pal (6227) .  I carry it in my attaché case and always have it with me when I travel. It’s so small and light, maybe a little bigger than a lipstick, and it takes up very little room.  I ordered it in red, my favorite color. For a small light, it’s very bright and has a pretty wide beam. Best of all, it is rechargeable via USB, and I can use it to recharge my phone.  If I lose it, the cost to replace it is so low, I can just buy another one. (NEBO  #6227,  Kiesub price under $19.00).

Michelle-ordered red Nebo Pal online (twice)