Kiesub Electronics is the original manufacturer of LED boards and panels for slot machines.  We designed the first LED replacement boards for fluorescent and incandescent lamps in 2004, and it became an extremely popular and practical way to save energy.  Replacing old lamps not only save energy and prevent heat from degrading other parts and graphics, but they update the look of the machines, making the slot floor more welcoming and exciting.

We have continued to invent and redesign the technology of the boards throughout the years, offering not only the best value, but the most reliable LED products on the market.  Today, every gaming machine manufacturer and distributor offers LED lighting for their machines, most of them being made in other countries.  Kiesub still manufactures LED boards and panels right here in Las Vegas, NV.

Click here for the LED Panels & Boards Product Selection Guide 2016 If you don’t see the LED board or panel for your machine, please contact us.


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