Kiesub Electronics was the original inventor and manufacturer of LED replacement boards and panels for slot machines.  These LED light panels utilize special LED components combined with unique acrylic panels that throw light forward for super thin light boxes and high performance lighting solutions. Engraved acrylic panels for lighting slot machine glass are available in various shapes and sizes specific to make and model of the machines.

Our designs for slot machine lighting are a joint design partnership with CNC Lightshapes. 

Advantages to LEDs over conventional incandescent and fluorescent lamps: 

  • Energy savings from 60-80%

  • up to 50 times greater life expectancy

  • Green technology

  • Wide range of coloration available to get special blends and shades for special effects.  For example: we have 3 shades of white available!  We can duplicate the look of conventional light bulbs if you so desire.

  • Specialized lens materials provide light dispersion right with no spotting or shadows, especially useful in glass with clear areas.

  • Extremely low heat generation compared to incandescent or fluorescent lamps.