LEDs (light emitting diodes) are semiconductor devices, which when energized provide illumination. They are extremely energy-efficient, and can be used to replace incandescent, fluorescent, halogen, CCFLs, neon, and pretty much any type of bulb. LEDs have increasingly been used for headlights and taillights in cars, reading lamps, emergency aisle lighting in planes, floodlights and many other applications.

Kiesub Electronics designs, manufactures and sells LED strip lighting for less common uses: illuminating slot machines, lighting up soffits, display cases, under counters and bars, and refrigerated coolers in stores.  Watch our video showing the many LED installations and projects we have done in Las Vegas.

Because of the long life and low battery consumption of LEDs, Kiesub also offers our customers with a large variety of flashlights of different sizes, illuminating capacities, body connections and prices.

The energy savings resulting from the replacement of incandescent lamps by LEDs in slot machines has been enormous. Kiesub estimates that the LED panels sold to casinos have saved enough electricity to power more than 30,000 homes per month.  This savings in energy occurs year after year and continues as long as the LEDS are used.


A truly great benefit of installing LEDs is that the user makes money while saving on power bills. Go Green and Get Green (make money) has been a common experience as many utility companies offer rebates for converting to LED lighting.  Some LEDs sold by Kiesub result in a return of the entire initial cost in less than a year. Kiesub has developed software to calculate the annual Return on Investment based on the user’s own specific needs and assumptions.