Hakko T18-K Knife Tip


Hakko T18-K Knife Tip, backwards compatible with the 900M, Tip shape: Knife, Tip length: 14.00mm, Tip radius: 5.00mm, Tip thickness: 2.00mm.

Product Description

Hakko T18-K Knife Tip

Hakko T18-K Knife Tip:

  • T18 series is backwards compatible with the 900M
  • Tip shape: Knife
  • Tip length: 14.00mm
  • Tip radius: 5.00mm
  • Tip thickness: 2.00mm

Hakko T18-K for Hakko FX-888, Hakko 913 ESD Safe Fume Extraction Iron (Requires a Fume Extraction System), Hakko 907 Soldering Iron, Hakko 907-ESD Soldering Iron, Hakko 900M Soldering Iron, Hakko 900M-ESD Soldering Iron, Hakko 928 Soldering Station, Hakko 936 Soldering Station, Hakko 936-ESD Soldering Station, Hakko 937 Soldering Station, Hakko 703 Soldering Station.

Kiesub offers a wide range of soldering tip variations.

HAKKO proposes guidelines on how to select the most suitable tip size.


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Additional Information

Weight 0.1 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 2 × 0.5 in