ECG J-HARW-1 Hot Air Rework Station

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Product Description

ECG J-HARW-1 Hot Air Rework Station

The J−HARW−1 Hot Air Rework Station can be used for rework and soldering operations on a broad range of components as well as for heat shrinking, drying, paint removal, conformal coating removal, pre−heating, defrosting, glue soldering, and much, much more. This unit is especially suited for rework operations on in−line sockets.

Technical Parameters:

Rated Voltage Range:  110V to 127VAC, 60Hz

Rated Power:  700W

Display Type:  LED Nixie Tube

Temperature Range:  212 to 896 F ( 100

Operating Ambient Temperature:  32 to 480 C) to 104 F (0 to 40

Air Delivery:  Brushless Motor with Smooth Air Delivery

Air Volume:  120L Min. C)

Main Unit Dimensions:  6.693 (170mm) L x 3.740 (95mm) W x 5.118 (130mm) H



Adjustable Temperature

C or F Selectable Temperature Display

Air Volume Adjustment Knob

LED Display Tubes

Standby Mode .197 (5mm)

Smart Technology Places Unit in Cool Down Mode when Heat gun is Placed back in Holder

Includes 3 Different Size Nozzles

ESD Safe

Rapid Heat−Up




Additional Information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 6 in