Paladin PA1118 GripP 30-20 AWG Stripper


Strips 30-20 AWG Wire And Cable

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Product Description

Paladin PA1118 GripP 30-20 AWG Stripper

Paladin GripP Wire Strippers Combine Ergonomics and Versatility! The Paladin PA1118 GripP Wire Stripper is a strong multi-function wire stripper and cutter for use on 30-20AWG wires and cables. This GripP Wire Stripper is used on electrical wires, multi-conductor cables, as well as hooking up wire. It features a spring loaded closure, gripping jaws on the front of the tool, and a screw cutter. This wire stripper is not intended for use on steel or armored wire and cable. 30-20 AWG Wire and Cable including: Electrical Wire, Hook-up Wire & Multi-Conductor Cable. Also Cuts Flat Cables.

  • Head of tool and handles designed at optimum 22 degree angle to prevent awkward wrist bends
  • Spring-loaded closure
  • Contoured wire stripping areas precision ground for accuracy
  • Non-scoring strip and smooth wire cutting
  • Features screw cutter and wire loops embedded in frames
  • Gripping jaws on front of tool
  • Not for use on steel or armored wire and cable



Additional Information

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 10.5 × 3.25 × 1 in


Q - What is the Prop 65 warning, and should I be worried before I purchase?

A - Our “WARNING” notices are mandated by California Proposition 65. We believe that our products are completely safe for consumer use and if any Prop 65 listed chemicals were to be present, we believe they would be within the safe harbor levels for exposure as published by Prop 65.

Our lighting products use Polycarbonate (PC) lenses for light projection, and Bisphenol A (BPA) is a precursor chemical used to make PC lenses. Prop 65 identifies BPA as a cause of reproductive toxicity.

Our lighting products use Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) plastic for battery carriers and other enclosures, and Styrene is a precursor chemical used to make ABS plastic. Prop 65 identifies Styrene as a chemical that can cause cancer.

Please note that PC and ABS plastics are not listed polymers under Prop 65, but the identified precursor chemicals are listed and in some cases these finished plastics may contain low levels of the chemical in the plastic. Therefore, out of an abundance of caution we decide to adopt this marking in 2017 to alleviate any legal issues that could arise from an improperly marked product sold in California. These warnings are not required by FDA or other Federal agencies.