Triplett CTX200 Pocket Cat 5/6 RJ45/Coax Tester

Byte Brothers CTX200 Pocket Cat RJ45/Coax Tester

Triplett CTX200 Pocket Cat 5/6 RJ45/Coax Tester

Test CAT5/6 to TIA568 Specs

Low Cost, Ruggedized Tester…Perfect for Everyday CAT5/6 and Coax Testing
-Tests Continuity, Opens, Shorts, Crosses, Split Pairs
-Test Both RJ45 and Coax
-Cable Tracing Tone (Probe Available Separately)
-Ruggedized and Cushioned
-Built-in Storage for Remote
-Low Cost

Product Description

CTX200 Pocket CAT is our most popular tester. Its ability to test CAT5/6 and coax cables, low cost, versatility and rugged design make it a popular choice for toolboxes. The Cable Test/Tone unit identifies opens, shorts, crosses and split pairs with instant PASS/FAIL results. It also generates a tone for tracing cables.

Features: The Pocket CAT tests both RJ45-CAT5/6 and coax cables. It is ruggedized for field use with a cushioned case and has no LCD to break. PASS/FAIL results appear in one second and each pair’s status is highlighted. A TIA568 test is performed: continuity, opens/shorts, reversals and split pairs. Includes tone mode for tracing and troubleshooting. A tone probe is not included. Other features: Auto-off (12 seconds) battery saver; low battery indicator; belt clip; battery (9V);and zippered pouch. Features of optional Tone Probe: The Tone Probe features high end probe technology for detecting the tone from the Main unit. Also included is an ultra bright LED lighted tip for seeing in dark closets; a safety LED to indicate “60HZ present”; a “Tone present” LED lights to aid in noisy environments; an insulated tip to stop accidental shorts when probing punch down blocks; and a volume control. Battery (9V) included.

Byte Brothers tools exhibit 3 qualities: Innovation- It moves our company and our customers forward. Top quality- work requires tools that repeatedly perform. Affordable- Tools are useless unless you can afford to buy them. Byte Brothers guarantees these 3 qualities plus offers US based customer support, training and quick upgrade and warranty service. Whether you are in the dotcom, telecom, audio/video. electrical or security field, you will find Byte Brothers products designed for you at a price you can afford.

Triplett 3340 FiberTest Laser VFL ST/SC

Triplett 3340 FiberTest Laser VFL ST/SC

The Triplett FiberTest™ Visual Fiber Fault locator has a powerful 5mW 650nm laser. This tool performs visual check of fiber optic cables with its ability to perform 3 different test singles; continuous wave, slow pulse, and rapid pulse. Overall, the FiberTest™ VFL is a great cost effective tool to visual check fiber optic cables.


  • Universal 2.5mm fitting for testing cables with ST, SC, and FC male connectors (Also identifies TOSLINK™ cables)
  • Test single-mode or multi-mode cables
  • Dust cap keeps connector clean and protected
  • 3 different test singles; continuous wave, slow pulse, and rapid pulse
  • Machined aluminum housing
  • Rotating collar to protect buttons
  • Red “test in progress” indicator
  • Works to 5 to 10km
  • 1 year limited warranty

Triplett RWC1000K Real World Certifier

RWC1000K Real World Certifier

Triplett RWC1000K Real World Certifier


Triplett RWC1000K Certifier / Network Tester

• Cable Typing (Category 3, 5, 5e, 6)

• Displays Port Speed, Duplex, Data Levels of All Pairs, etc.

• Inline Port Mode (Negotiated Results)

• Port Beacon (Locate Port)

• Cable Length (Real 1 Nanosecond TDR)

• Opens, Shorts, Split Pairs, Splits Distance

• NEXT, NEXT (FAR), Skew, Propagation Delay, Attenuation, Signal level, Hot Splits

• Multi-Pair Toner / Probe

• Stores 250 results for Later Printing (via MS Excel)

• Speed Tests (10MB, 100MB, Gigabit):

• Real World Cert Level 1

• Real World Cert Level 2